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Car Pressure Washers

Our Electric Cold Water Pressure Washers are designed and built for all car and truck wash facilities. These efficient machines are available in 240v and 415v. From family hatchbacks to sporty two-seaters, everybody loves a clean car and with Steamaster’s extensive range of car pressure washers, you make sure that your car retains its natural shine whatever the conditions.

Whether you are looking for electric or diesel power, car pressure washers are the most appropriate and efficient type of cleaning machine for auto detailing. They can remove dirt, grease, oil, bird droppings and stains without causing any damage to a vehicles’ delicate exterior.

Built to last and extremely easy to use, Steamaster models are ideal for cleaning professionals who require a machine that can handle any type of commercial or industrial cleaning jobs. We offer some of the most reliable and efficient models on the market and all of our car pressure washers are equipped with a ceramic plunger pump which ensures the long life of the machine. Put the vroom back into your car and see what Steamaster can do for you.