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Floor Cleaning Machines

Steamaster has a series of Floor Cleaning Machines that are cost effective and user friendly. Whether it's a polisher, sander, burnisher or stripping machine, Steamaster has many models to choose from. Our Floor Cleaning Equipment are durable, lightweight, and many come available with a range of optional accessories.

Polivac PV25 Rotary Suction Polisher4

Floor Polishers

Do you need a Polisher that is powerful yet easy to use? Steamaster Floor Polishers are designed with you in mind. These heavy duty Floor Polishers are user friendly, come with important safety features, and have height adjustable handles. If you want your floors to sparkle, let Steamaster help you find just the right model.

Polivac Stingray Ultra High Speed Burnisher4

Floor Burnishers

When you need a Burnisher that can give floors a high gloss in a short period of time, Steamaster can help. Here at Steamaster, we sell Floor Burnishers that are perfect for any size job. With features such as safety-switches, height adjustable handles, and an easy to exchange battery, Steamaster Burnishers make a great, long-lasting investment.

Polivac ST2100 Gas Powered Stripping Machine3

Floor Stripping Machines

Here at Steamaster we supply Floor Stripping Machines that are effective and cost-efficient. They come built with Tynex abrasive brushes that make difficult obs such as scrubbing and stripping floors a breeze. Sturdy construction and an easy action clutch lever are but a few of the features that make our Stripping Machines a great investment.

Polivac SV30 Sandivac Suction Sander4

Floor Sanders

The Floor Sanders that we supply here at Steamaster are truly are all-in-one machines. Whether you need to strip, sand or vacuum, these Floor Sanders can do it all with ease and efficiency.

What kind of floor care does your industry require? At Steamaster, we have it all! As the most trusted provider of Floor Cleaning Machines in Australia, we have been supplying Floor Polishers, Burnishers, Stripping Machines, and Floor Sanders for years!

The Floor Polishers that we supply here at Steamaster offer sealed, oil-filled gearboxes that eliminate belts and pulleys that can easily break. These powerful Floor Cleaning Machines will leave your floors sparkling and we have models that can accommodate nearly any hard floor surface including textured and tiled floors.

For a mirror-like gloss, our Burnishers come in a number of different styles for every need including walk-behind and ride-on models. We make delivering a professional, glossy finish to any floor simple with our quality Burnishers that are easy to transport, reliable, and intuitive.

At Steamaster, we make stripping floors professionally a quick and easy job with our durable gas Stripping Machines that can actually reduce stripping time by sixty percent! Stripping Machines available at Steamaster boast unbeatable speed and power with Honda engines that are incredibly reliable. They also feature a removable weight system and three quick-release brushes to our amazing machine as well. This machine will give you years of invaluable use, making it a superb investment.

For sanding jobs, you can depend on us to deliver a Sanding Machine that does it all: strip, sand or vacuum with the same machine! Utilize the interchangeable pads to take you from scrubbing to stripping in minutes. And since it's from Steamaster, you know that it will be a quality machine!