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Rotovac 360

Here at Steamaster we offer a line of Rotovac Surface Cleaners that clean even the toughest dirt. Our Rotovac Surface Cleaners are lightweight and easy to use, and you'll get a deep clean with every use. These Rotary Vacuum Surface Cleaners are built with a stainless steel frame that gives these machines incredible durability. Telescoping handles make them easy to store as well.

To deep clean severely ground in dirt from carpets, tile, and grout, nothing beats the Rotovac 360 series. When used alone or in conjunction with other carpet cleaning machines, these rotary vacuum surface cleaners can easily take care of the most difficult surface cleaning situations. How do these amazing cleaners work? Special cleaning heads and a side-to-side cleaning motion work together to deep clean carpets and other surfaces efficiently and quickly. At Steamaster, we carry a great selection of Rotovac 360 cleaners as well as a number of powerful cleaning heads. Our Rotovac 360 models are lightweight and easy to operate, and the cleaning heads can be used for encapsulation cleaning, dry cleaning, or the deep cleaning of hard floors, carpets, tile, and grout. There's a Rotovac cleaner that's just right for your cleaning business. Give us a call for more information.